MetArt 2015-04-02


3 Thoughts on “MetArt 2015-04-02

  • Hello BoB:
    I tried to download the MA sets, it seems that I can’t do it because 2Drive is pushing people to wait an hour between downloads; previously this didn’t happened.
    Take out that useless host and find another one.
    Try Uploadrocket for free users.
    Why the F*** shuold free users put up with such obstacle?

      • Hello again BoB:
        Thank you very much for including Uploadrocket, it has a decent speed and I downloaded the files like a charm.
        I recognise your time spent in bringing some nice content for others to enjoy is a pleasure that few have, after a couple of days reward yourself with a glass of beer (hey, if you prefer wine, then drink it while you have a good lunch) 🙂

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